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About Robert Alpert

Robert  Elliot Alpert was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and was educated at Michigan State University, University of London, and attended a field study at Harvard Law School.  Following graduation in 1970, Robert Alpert was engaged in industrial manufacturing.  He was involved in a family partnership which acquired, operated, or liquidated numerous manufacturing operations in the metalworking industries in Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Thailand and Canada.  The companies acquired included:

U. S. Aluminum – Highland Park, Michigan
Republic Steel Nut & Bolt Division – Cleveland, Ohio
Budd Forge Company – Warren, Michigan
Canadian Acme Screw & Gear, Fastener Division – Toronto, Ontario
National Machine Products, Division SPS Technologies – Utica, Michigan
Roebling Division, CF&I Steel Corporation – Roebling, New Jersey

From 1979 to 1987 he developed and operated a state-of-the art $100 million tubular processing factory in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Since 1987, he has formed numerous companies to pursue investments in emerging environmental companies, oil services, the automotive sector, and a variety of special situations involving the acquisition of undervalued assets.  These acquisitions included the tubular steel division assets of Babcock & Wilcox located in three states including 6 million square feet of manufacturing facilities, the purchase of $800 million of aircraft and engine spare parts inventory from the Bankruptcy Estate of Eastern Air Lines, Inc., oil service equipment, raw materials and manufacturing equipment.

Cumulatively, Robert Alpert has executed over 50 industrial start-ups.  Robert Alpert has developed a unique expertise in project development, project finance, and consolidation.  Robert Alpert’s career has been marked by many successful business acquisitions and industry consolidations.  He was an original founder of Republic Industries which evolved into Auto Nation and Republic Industries. In addition, he has been a principal and founder of other diverse publicly owned enterprises including Aviation Sales Corporation (an aviation parts distributor and maintenance, repair and overhaul company), and PalEx, which evolved into IFCO Systems, USA Waste which evolved to become Waste Management  among others as part of his merchant banking activities.  Mr. Alpert co-founded a merchant-banking group, Mainstreet Capital Partners in Houston, Texas which  assembled numerous consolidations in fragmented industries and evolved into a New York Stock Exchange financial services company.

Land ‘N’ Sea Corporation

In 1997, Robert Alpert acquired the assets of that evolved into Land ‘N’ Sea Corporation. Mr. Alpert was the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Land ’N’ Sea Corporation.

Land ‘N’ Sea Corporation developed the leading integrated marine channel for business-to-business, e-commerce and consumer marketing in the $23 billion recreational boating industry.  Land ‘N’ Sea Distribution, Inc. (“LNS”), a company division, became the largest marine parts and accessories wholesaler in the United States. The Company developed integrated, internet-based tools and services that enhance the entire recreational marine supply chain from manufacturers to dealers to consumers in a manner that did not conflict with established channels of distribution.  The company grew to become the largest source for marine parts and accessories and the industry’s leading digital network for the cost-effective exchange of information, products and services. In 2004 Brunswick Corporation purchased Land ‘N’ Sea as the platform to expand the business model to all international markets. Brunswick is the largest boat manufacturing and marine propulsion group in the world.

Charity and Mentoring

Since 2005, Robert Alpert has served as Chairman of the Alpert Family Foundation, which has funded many charities for children and family services. He continues to be an active sponsor of the Andre Agassi Foundation and other similar organizations.

As a result of Robert Alpert’s multi-industry background he has elected to invest  time and capital to mentor a handful of high growth companies either individually or in conjunction with other large institutional investors.

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